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Online Book Clubs:
Good Reads uses your reading history to make recommendations.  
Sword and Laser is a fantasy and sci-fi book club hosted by technology journalists, Tom Merrit and Veronica Belmont

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Books to Read Lists:
Literary Workshop - 100 Books to Read Before You Die

Bookstove - 100 Books to Read Before You Die
    "certain books that make you a better person simply for having read them. ... This isn’t a list of personal favorites, but it is a list of books we all should read."

Time (2005) - All-TIME 100 Novels Since 1923

Read These 10 Books by Living Women Instead of Dead Men
This list was sent to me by a friend.  We've read several of the "dead men" books.  There are explanations for each of the choices.

Book Suggestions
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, set in Savannah, GA.  (Recommended by S. Hollifield, 10/3/18)