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November 2014 - The October Country by Ray Bradbury

posted Oct 24, 2014, 12:31 PM by Jeff Nichols
As our scary, Halloween book of the year, we are reading another Ray Bradbury book.  Last year at this time we read "Something Wicked This Way Comes." It is about 300 pages.

From the Editor's description:
THE OCTOBER COUNTRY is Ray Bradbury's own netherworld of the soul, inhabited by the horrors and demons that lurk within all of us. This classic collection of short stories includes:

THE EMISSARY: The faithful dog was the sick boy's only connection with the world outside--and beyond. . . 

THE SMALL ASSASSIN: A fine, healthy baby boy was the new mother's dream come true--or her worst nightmare. . . 

THE SCYTHE: Just when his luck had run out, Drew Erickson inherited a farm from a stranger! And with the bequest came deadly responsibilities. . . 

THE JAR: A chilling story that combines love, death . . . and a matter of identity in a bottle of fear!

THE WONDERFUL DEATH OF DUDLEY STONE: A most remarkable case of murder--the deceased was delighted!

And nineteen other short stories.